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About Business Intelligence Technologies

Business Intelligence Technologies, Inc. is an enterprise services company that builds business applications based on sophisticated data models. 

Our solutions improve productivity by leveraging existing IT investments and by enabling system connectivity and collaboration among users. We integrate Actual, Plan, and Forecast data into unified Management Information Systems.


We help organizations use their data as a strategic asset as well as leverage and maximize existing IT investments.

At BI Tech, we use data modeling platforms provided by software publisher PARIS Technologies to build comprehensive applications that can be accessed through popular end-user and data visualization tools.

Our secret in enabling your BI success lies in our skills, technology, and ability to quickly develop data models. We’ll give you the capability to connect systems and enable collaborative processes. These data models are at the heart of all our solutions and provide an excellent foundation for dashboards, reports, plans, forecasts, and analytics.

The possibilities are absolutely endless.

Empower Your Business With Your Data

BI Tech can help you make data discoveries that impact your bottom line and bring efficiency and productivity to they way you work.

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