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Let us help you create a Microsoft Business Intelligence strategy that works for your organization now and in the future.

A fresh perspective.
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Here at Business Intelligence Technologies, we provide expert consulting so you can make the right decisions on your BI software choices. Our proven step-by-step process will allow you to gain clear insights on you present capabilities, and future needs.


Our Process Includes:

  • Ease of Use – so end users can develop their own reports and analyze data quickly and easily on their own without IT assistance.
  • Standardization – so you can implement and maintain one software package that addresses all corporate requirements, reporting and business intelligence function.
  • Performance – so reports and queries run fast without impacting transactional users.
  • Management Empowerment – so they can drilldown through reports, queries, and dashboards to answer questions on their own without Finance or IT assistance.
  • Integration – so you do not have to spend months or years developing content for users to start leveraging Business Intelligence.

Customized Business Intelligence and Data Management Solutions


Optimize Your Data


genius_120px Not using your data optimally is data wasted and opportunities missed. At BIT we believe that every organization’s data is an invaluable asset that needs to be utilized to help businesses reach their full potential. We help you optimize your data by helping you identify ways that you can enhance your data resources.


Our Unique Data Optimization Services Include:

  • Cleaning up your data to make it easier to manipulate your data quickly and effectively.
  • Integrating your data from different data sources to create a unified database.
  • Organizing your data with the right Business Intelligence, data management, analytics and/or reporting tools.

Speedy Data Analysis


presentation_120px Making the most of your data involves the ability to quickly answer business questions and accurately predict future trends to improve upon existing business practices.  The experts at Business Intelligence Technologies help you in determining ways to make data discoveries that lead to a speedy growth.



Advantages of Analyzing Your Data Effectively Include:

  • Making data discoveries to forecast future trends.
  • Position your organization as the industry leader in innovation.
  • Implementing data driven projects and decisions.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting your customer’s expectations.
  • Increase profitability and productivity through better business practices.

Streamline Your Information Management System


documents_120px The increasing amounts of data produced on a daily basis, backed by the increasing number of data management applications to control the flow of information and security becomes a cumbersome task. Especially when real-time business decisions and reports generated have timelines that seem impossible to meet. With Business Intelligence Technologies you work with other seasoned data management experts to determine ways that you can streamline your data management system to create more simplified, controlled, secure information management system.   Ready to Get Started with Creating a Synchronized Data Management System?


Free Data Assessment

Set-up your Dashboard System


browser_120pxSetting up your dashboard can be a painstakingly long process–from determining your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to ensuring that you have the right data integration technologies that can pull all your data into one unified source. At BIT we work with your business goals to create dashboard applications that help you see the holistic view of your organization’s operations. Our dashboard setup approach involves providing a nimble, easy to understand application by aligning the right BI and data management tools.

Compete With Innovation


telescope_120pxForecasting and planning with accurate data is essential to the success of any organization. The consultants at Business Intelligence Technologies facilitate a smooth planning process by building automated predictive models that enable you to see into the future with more clarity and certainty. Access up-to-data accurate information is what makes this competitive decision making a reality. With BIT’s data consulting services gain the capability to stay ahead of the curve with your data.

Reporting Services


piechart_120px Our team of consultants are experts in delivering SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) solutions for small to large enterprise deployments. Our Enterprise Reporting Services solutions improve your organization by providing business insights to all employees leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions.