Is your Budgeting Cycle a Huge Headache?

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Smart Budgeting Solutions

Stop using laborious, time-consuming processes to complete your budget. Business Intelligence Technologies can guide you in technologies which are available to make your work much faster and more effective.  The boost in productivity will completely transform your business, and you won’t have to dread the budget next year!

Business Intelligence Technologies Provides:

  • Streamline the budgeting process for the future
  • View your budget in any front-end client
  • Connect through Excel spreadsheets for collaboration
  • Server-based access and reports

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Custom Budgeting Solutions
for as low as $21 per month per user*.

Take your Excel Spreadsheets to the Next Level


Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions

Unleash the power of your data for unlimited growth possibilities.

Business Intelligence Technologies are expert consultants that implement business intelligence solutions for mid-market and enterprise level companies. We initially focus on budgeting, reporting, and consolidation of your important data, but are also expert in resolving highly complex data problems.

We are a solution-focused and product-agnostic consulting resource that wants to solve your data problems. We understand and work with the business intelligence technologies that are currently available on the market, and we offer affordable, agile solutions with fast, effective implementations.

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*Quoted price is based on a 5 concurrent port subscription and does not include setup costs, which average $1200 for initial implementation.