New year, new you right? Although we can’t promise that you will stick to your new workout routine as the year goes along, we hope to provide you with information what the future looks like for Business Intelligence. The future for Business Intelligence looks bright as many organizations have started to employ competitive data analysis strategies. According to Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics will remain a priority for CIOs through 2017. Highlights of  Garnter’s future predictions include the shift by BI vendors form reporting platforms to analysis features in 2015 and big data confusion that will affect BI and analytics spending till 2016. See excerpt of the press release here: future BI crystal ball image

“Major changes are imminent to the world of BI and analytics including the dominance of data discovery techniques, wider use of real-time streaming event data and the eventual acceleration in BI and analytics spending when big data finally matures,” said Roy Schulte, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “As the cost of acquiring, storing and managing data continues to fall, companies are finding it practical to apply BI and analytics in a far wider range of situations.”

Gartner outlined four key predictions for BI and analytics:
1. By 2015, the majority of BI vendors will make data discovery their prime BI platform offering, shifting BI emphasis from reporting-centric to analysis-centric.

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Source: Gartner