If there was one word that was used a lot in the BI and Analytics Industry in 2013 it will have to be Dashboard! Although many IT folks are still struggling to ensure that their users have exactly what they need from their dashboard tools. Before you go on to implement a dashboard solution or think about building one, this post from Dashboard Insight listing 9 questions to ask yourself before building a dashboard may help you go in the right direction.  See the questions preview below:


Dashboard Questions Image

1. Is the dashboard displaying the appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) for the target users? Ensure you are visualizing the right information for the dashboard users.

2. Are the key performance indicators presented in the most effective possible format? Could another visual make it easier/faster for the viewer to understand what is happening? Would another visualization take up less space on the dashboard? Display your data in the most effective/efficient way possible.

3. Are the colors being used friendly to those who are colorblind? Do they distract the viewer, or do they draw attention to the most relevant or critical information?

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Source: Dashboard Insight