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Business Intelligence Technologies Expertise

Our expertise lies in our skills, technology, and ability to quickly develop data models. These data models are at the heart of all our solutions and provide an excellent foundation for dashboards, reports, plans, forecasts, and analytics.

Using tools by software publisher PARIS Technologies, we are able to connect and leverage on your existing systems to deliver solutions that streamlines and automates your business processes.

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Our Guarantee

Speed to Benefit. Our solutions are quick to implement, flexible, and customizable so you can onboard quickly and feel the benefits in just weeks.

Cost-effective and Scalable. Large system implementations have not always delivered on the promises made at the start. With BI Tech, you can minimize risks and gain control of costs by customizing your solution as your business grows.

Complex made easy. Managing different systems, tools, and technologies is overwhelmingly complex. BI Tech lets you experience the difference of working from a shared data model through the tools you already know.

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Business Intelligence Technologies Services

Collaborative Planning and Forecasting

telescope_120pxFrustrated with your budgeting process? Stress less with a centralized forecasting solution that lets you collaborate
and work dynamically with your data, plans, and platforms. Access up-to-date accurate budgets and forecasts through tools you already know and love – Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and on the web.

End the pain and problems that come from independent, static spreadsheets that contain errors. Imagine collaboratively gathering live data from all users in a centralized planning, forecasting, and reporting model. Give users a way to simultaneously input their numbers that dynamically appear in your planning model. Work as a team.

Set-up your Dashboard System

browser_120pxBehind every stunning dashboard is a painstakingly long process of data preparation. In fact, 80% of the work in BI projects is focused on data. We cut this tedious process through automation, enabled by a BI metrics that sets a foundation for you to manage the numbers consistently across all dashboards, reports, and analytical tools – Power BI, Ms Excel, or any other.

At BI Tech, we work with your business goals to create dashboard applications that help you see the holistic view of your organization’s operations and create confidence in your numbers. We align the right BI and data management tools to create an integrated foundation for your metrics across all of your user experiences.

Reporting Services

piechart_120pxOur team of consultants are experts in delivering Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Analysis Services solutions for small to large enterprise deployments. Our Enterprise Reporting Services solutions improve your organization by providing business insights to all employees leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions. With BI Tech’s data consulting services gain the capability to stay ahead of the curve with your data that makes competitive decision making a reality.

Optimize Your Data

genius_120px Not using your data optimally is data wasted and opportunities missed. At BI Tech we believe that every organization’s data is an invaluable asset that needs to be utilized to help businesses reach their full potential. We help you optimize your data by helping you identify ways that you can enhance your data resources.

Our Unique Data Optimization Services Include:

  • Cleaning up your data to make it easier to manipulate your data quickly and effectively.
  • Integrating your data from different data sources to create a unified database.
  • Organizing your data with the right Business Intelligence, data management, analytics and/or reporting tools.

Speedy Data Analysis

presentation_120px Making the most of your data involves the ability to quickly answer business questions and accurately predict future trends to improve upon existing business practices. The experts at Business Intelligence Technologies help you in determining ways to make data discoveries that lead to a speedy growth.

Advantages of Analyzing Your Data Effectively Include:

  • Making data discoveries to forecast future trends.
  • Position your organization as the industry leader in innovation.
  • Implementing data driven projects and decisions.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting your customer’s expectations.
  • Increase profitability and productivity through better business practices.

Streamline Your Information Management System

documents_120px The increasing amounts of data produced on a daily basis, backed by the increasing number of data management applications to control the flow of information and security becomes a cumbersome task. Especially when real-time business decisions and reports generated have timelines that seem impossible to meet.

With Business Intelligence Technologies you work with other seasoned data management experts to determine ways that you can streamline your data management system to create more simplified, controlled, secure information management system.

Empower Your Business With Your Data

BI Tech can help you make data discoveries that impact your bottom line and bring efficiency and productivity to they way you work.

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