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Your data is your greatest asset. When using the right Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions 
and strategies, you can unleash the power of your data for unlimited growth possibilities.

BI Services

We offer services to help you do more with your data by identifying existing problems and implementing new strategies for your business intelligence system.

About BI Technologies

Find out all about Business Intelligence Technologies, capabilities, expertise and processes.

Find BI Software

Choosing the right Business Intelligence solution can be time consuming and confusing. We help simplify the search process with a step by step approach.

Optimize Your Data

Not using your data efficiently is data wasted and opportunities missed.  At Business Intelligence Technologies, we believe that every organization’s data is a valuable asset that needs to be tapped to help the organization reach it’s full potential. We can help you optimize your data by helping you identify ways that you can enhance your data resources.

Looking to do More With Your Data?

Speedy Data Analysis

Making the most of your data involves the ability to quickly answer business questions and accurately predict future trends to improve upon existing business practices.  The experts at Business Intelligence Technologies help you in determining ways to make data discoveries that lead to a speedy growth.

Services Provided Include:

Quick Dashboard Setup

Setting up your dashboard can be a painstakingly long process–from determining your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to ensuring that you have the right data integration technologies that can pull all your data into one unified source.  At BIT we work with your business goals to create dashboard applications that help you see the holistic view of your organization’s operations. Our dashboard setup approach involves providing a nimble, easy to understand application by aligning the right BI and data management tools.

Accurate Forecast and Analysis
Forecasting and planning with accurate data is essential to the success of any organization. The consultants at Business Intelligence Technologies make facilitate a smooth planning process by building automated predictive models that enable you to see into the future with more clarity and certainty.

Ready to Make Data Discoveries?

Compete With Innovation

The most innovative companies all have one thing in common–the ability to make decisions that outsmart their competitors.  Access up-to-data accurate information is what makes this competitive decision making a reality. With BIT’s data consulting services gain the capability to stay ahead of the curve with your data.

We Do This By:

  • Organizing Data With the Right Applications 100%
  • Integrating Existing Data Systems 100%
  • Creating a Secure Data Environment 100%

Empower Your Business With Your Data

Business Intelligence Technologies can help you make data discoveries that lead to a speedy growth.