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Outsourcing to Business Intelligence (BI) Experts—the Basics

Businesses are increasingly finding that outsourcing their Business Intelligence (BI) solution can be a more effective and affordable option. Your business will obtain the consulting and technical knowledge of an agency that has almost certainly encountered the same issues you are facing.

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What’s behind effective spreadsheet solutions?

Have you ever come across an organization that uses spreadsheets on an enterprise scale, and yet the staff seems perfectly in control of the situation? It’s still quite rare, but what you will probably find is that they are not using “just Excel.”

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Top 3 Data Resolutions for 2019

Whether you are managing data for your personal work situation or managing it for the entire organization, following through on these data resolutions will enable you to focus on gaining control of your data and making data solutions more effective. Try them out!

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The Importance of Planning and Forecasting in BI

The budgeting and forecasting process is unique because it is forward thinking. Budgets and forecasts typically reside in spreadsheets where aggregate data is entered by several people in the organization. Tools such as Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, and others have robust features for creating stunning dashboards from transactional data. However, organizations struggle to integrate and represent plans and forecasts in these BI tools.

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