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Planning, Reporting, Analytics made easy.

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Financial Reporting

Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss. I want to have one concise set of numbers for dynamic reporting purposes.

Strategic Planning

I need to build a long-term strategic plan that allows for numerous stakeholders to provide input according to different scenarios and premises.

Sales Planning/Forecasting

I want a sales plan for next year that accounts for the fact that we sell multiple products into numerous geographies. I need to re-forecast several times throughout the year.

Capital Expenditures

I need to plan and prioritize capital improvements across each of my entities and to relate various requests to a base case.

Corporate Performance Management

I need to look at my company from a high level and understand quickly how certain KPIs are performing against plan.

Stakeholder Reporting

I need an easy way to present my Financials to different audiences in different ways—parent company, investor relations, regulatory agencies, auditors, and others.

Salary/Compensation Planning

I want to easily collect next year’s plan for salaries, commissions, bonuses, etc. across my entities, cost centers, and locations.

Regulatory Reporting

I need to store versions of my regulatory reports, to save base cases, and to manage progress for various regulatory metrics over time.

Do you recognize yourself in any Use case? 

If you recognize yourself in any of these Use Cases-or for any challenges in your organization related to planning, reporting, analytics-we will make a presentation suited to fit your needs.


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