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Financial Reporting

Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss. I want to have one concise set of numbers for reporting purposes.

Corporate Performance Management

I need to look at my company from a high level and understand quickly how certain KPIs are performing.

Stakeholder Reporting

I need an easy way to present my Financials to different audiences in different ways—parent company, investor relations, regulatory agencies, auditors, and others.

Sales Planning/Forecasting

I want a sales plan for next year that accounts for the fact that we sell products into geographies around the world. I need to re-forecast several times throughout the year.

Salary/Compensation Planning

I want a way to easily collect next year’s plan for salaries, commissions, bonuses, etc. across my entities, cost centers, and locations.

Strategic Planning

I need a way to build a long-term strategic plan that allows for numerous stakeholders to provide input according to different scenarios and premises.

Capital Expenditures

I need to plan for and prioritize capital improvements across each of my entities and to relate various requests to a base case.

Regulatory Reporting

I need to store versions of my regulatory reports, to save base cases, and to manage progress for various regulatory metrics over time.








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