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Connected planning and forecasting in Excel

Do you need to share numbers more seamlessly with your team?

Are you responsible for communicating and executing leadership’s vision of the business?

Are you looking for a better way to work in Excel?

Give your team a way to easily collaborate with dynamic spreadsheets connected through the cloud.

No matter where you are in the world, PowerExcel connects your workbooks so that your people can work as a team, in real-time.

Initiative planning through visionary intelligence.
Implement powerful predictive modeling for future initiatives 


ModeLing capabilities in excel spreadsheets

  • Leverage the best of Excel by using spreadsheets as an interface to a central data model
  • Move your calculations to a central data model to avoid formula errors
  • Define hierarchies to automate roll-ups and consolidations
  • Create forecast versions without copying multiple workbooks
  • Blend Actuals with Plans and Forecast versions
  • Connect your data model to Power BI and other tools for consistent results

P&L Forecasting Model with PowerExcel

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