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 Break down barriers to Connectivity and Collaboration 

 BI Tech manages complexity and delivers automated reports that roll up into corporate models,   allowing you to simply steer your business. 

Our Areas of Expertise

With our chosen tools and data expertise, BI Tech can work with practically any data set, across all industries.
These are the areas where our solutions are proven to improve business processes and drive efficiency.


Free up all that time spent doing manual Excel work by integrating data and harnessing the power of a dynamic financial model. With a connection both to underlying data sources and to shared Excel/BI reports, users access the most up-to-the-instant results possible.


Plan efficiently and accurately with a centralized financial model that lets your team input budgets and forecasts simultaneously from dynamic spreadsheets. Store forecasting calculations in a business rules engine that automates the heavy data crunching that you’re doing now in spreadsheets.


Provide leaders with a visionary perspective of the business by blending historical data with forecast data in a financial model that connects to your chosen BI tools. Develop new ways of looking at your business instantly without waiting hours for KPIs and new analytical insights.

Interpreting your data should not be as hard as it is.

Your data is your greatest asset.
Are you able to use it whenever and however you want?

We’ve got a better way.

We make accessing and analyzing your data quickly and easy.

Maximize the value of your data by using the right solutions and strategies
for your reporting, planning, and forecasting needs.

Don't waste months waiting on a BI project that almost always falls short.

Feel the benefit in just weeks with a scalable solution built just for you.

Start with one of our use cases as an initial project and see for yourself.