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If you ran your school like a business,would you be more efficient?

Business Intelligence Technologies builds custom analytical models
for schools and districts using enterprise-proven technologies and best practices.

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Gain control of all aspects of school operations

Business Intelligence Technologies has been active in providing services and solutions to schools and school districts since 2002.

Since then, we have built analytical models that enable end-users to report on financials, collaborate on budgets and plans, weigh competing priorities, monitor staff and student headcounts, optimize food and transportation, track spending of IDEA funds, and even flag at-risk students for intervention.

Align academic goals with actual spending costs

BI Tech enables schools and districts to make informed decisions that are aligned with their academic goals.

Using data to support the planning and forecasting process can put unknown issues into light and ensure that funds are being placed in programs that truly matter.

Need additional data consolidation and reporting capabilities?

We’ll build a custom system for you that will automate the process, so you can worry less and be confident with your data.

Do more with your existing systems

Business Intelligence Technologies provides services that allows schools and districts to do more with their existing systems.

We utilize data from your transactional systems (Accounting, School Management, HR, etc. ) to build analytical models that serve as the basis for any type of performance, financial, planning and forecasting report or dashboard you may need.

Enable true collaboration in Excel

Our analytical models are centralized and connected to tools that we all know and love—Microsoft Excel. We leverage on users existing knowledge of Excel to cut the learning curve and ensure user adoption. However, unlike typical spreadsheets that are just static exports, BI Tech keeps Excel reports connected to the model to enable real-time data updates and budget inputs across multiple users.

Create on-the-fly analysis and data visualizations

Have the capability to slice and dice your data directly from a web browser to make your own grid-view analyses and dashboards. Access them anywhere, even on your mobile devices.

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