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 Financial Reporting 

 Experience automated, accurate, up-to-the-instant financial reports 
 with a dynamic financial model that connects to underlying data sources. 

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Eliminate Manual Financial Reporting Processes

Automate financial reporting to ensure accuracy and promote collaboration across the entire organization.

Create reports using a single source of accurate and reliable financial information.

Manage accounts and execute complex calculations in mere seconds—users just refresh on a report template.


Instant Analysis with Accurate Data

ERP systems capture financial data well but have little ability to display information in a meaningful format. Releasing the business intelligence from that data to make informed business decisions is not always easy. Business Intelligence Technologies builds solutions that extract information from the ERP and populate it into a specially designed data warehouse.

Reports can then be produced instantaneously, providing accurate financial information including historical performance, projected performance, budgets and variance analysis. Other important non-financial information can also be imported into the data warehouse, which results in an extremely powerful reporting system that goes beyond traditional financial metrics.


  • Real-time integration with your ERP System
  • Bi-directional connection with existing Excel spreadsheets
  • Quick report creation from a single source of accurate and reliable financial information
  • Simplified, faster and more accurate project forecasting and budgeting
  • Ensure data security and integrity throughout the organization
  • Enhanced collaboration for teams with the same distributed data sets
Bring synergy between Operations and Finance

Aside from improved accuracy, reliability, transparency and speed of data collection and analysis, our reporting solutions enable communication and collaboration between Operations and Finance. Financial outcomes, resulting from business decisions, become transparent. As a consequence, project managers can proactively discuss project outcomes and seek advice and input from the finance team on how to improve them.

Create and distribute ad-hoc reports

It is easy to create a single report with one data set and add a security layer. Save time and utilize your resources better by creating reports on the fly. Gain real-time access to financial data that allows instant analysis, forecasting, discoveries that lead to growth and far less data reconciliation. Additional security features allows users to regulate how data is distributed by giving different levels of access to users as needed.

Seamless integration with Excel

Work productively with Excel, rather than be enslaved by it. BI Tech creates a dynamic connection to data sources and Excel reports that gives users new ways to examine and manipulate data.

Eliminate lengthy manual financial reporting processes, increase efficiency and accuracy.

See how it works.

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