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 Sales Forecasting 


Simplify and Streamline your Sales Forecasting Process
Collaborative Solution for Sales Forecast Reporting

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The Importance of Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasts provide executives with the information they need to strategize for the future and make better business decisions.

A sales forecast provides an indication of the company’s expected financial position and serves as a basis for cash flow, inventory management, resource allocation, overall plan for growth.


Provide relevant information across hierarchy

Create multiple report views that give users across the organizational structure quick access to the most relevant information, while still giving them the capability to drill-down to the details as they want.

Having a centralized sales forecasting model ensures that there are no discrepancies in the reports and that all views are updated in real-time.

  • Sales Reps input their forecasts from a web or Excel interface that is connected to a centralized sales forecasting model
  • Sales Managers analyze the performance of individual sales reps
  • Directors assess pipeline mix, deal sizes, probabilities for their department
  • VPs analyze and project overall sales of the organizations
  • Executives get a top-level view of the sales projections in order to plan and make strategic business decisions.
Dynamic connectivity to data sources

Integrate your sales forecasting solution with CRM solutions that sales reps typically use to record their progress throughout the sales cycle. Think Hubspot, Salesforce, and the like.

A dynamic connection to these software eliminates the need to enter duplicate data in multiple systems and keeps your sales forecasts updated in real-time.

Custom Calculations

Define custom formulas for your organization’s unique sales cycle and stages. By adding weights to measures and factors in your sales process that increase close probability, you can minimize the subjectivity of your rep’s forecasted deals.

Create best and worst-case scenarios

Create as many versions of the sales forecasts to illustrate the various possibilities that businesses encounter and compare scenarios side-by-side.

Drive efficiencies with a collaborative sales forecasting solution.

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