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Enterprise Information Management

Consolidated and centralized enterprise data management

BI Tech brings together an organization’s assembly of systems to build a Management Information System that provides decision makers the information they need to run the business.

Management Information Systems gather information from other departmental systems, so they can be utilized for more than its operational applications – that is for decision making, process optimization, and other value-added activities.


Benefits of an Enterprise MIS

Promote a collaborative workflow among other systems and teams

Gain control and governance over business rules

Ensure consistency of data being report across hierarchies

Receive automated reports and create ad-hoc reports from real-time data

Create budgets, plans, and forecasts and compare with actuals

Align operations with financial objectives to achieve forecasted outcomes

Enterprise Management Information System

Business Intelligence Technologies designs and creates enterprise management information system that integrates heterogeneous data sources in different countries in a central data warehouse.

Market Performance Analysis – BI Tech integrates data from different ERPs and legacy systems that organizations have in place to build a standard model has been created to analyze and compare performances in different markets.

Profitability and Credit Risk Analysis – Enterprise MIS also provides reports with actual data for all the financial contracts sold by the legal entities in the group, with a focus on profitability and credit risk analysis, channel performances and market penetration.

Budgeting and Forecasting – Actual data is also used to calculate standard parameters, useful to implement a forecasting model for budgeting and “what if” analysis. The forecasting model is based on a complex and articulated framework of formulas, used to generate dynamically calculated data.

Financial Reporting – The Enterprise MIS is also used to generate financial reports with budget and actual data, with income statements, balance sheets, cash flows (aggregated and consolidated).

Eliminate lengthy manual financial reporting process, increase efficiency and accuracy.

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